Tips for Writing a Library in Kotlin

Writing a library in Kotlin seems easy but it can get tricky if you want to support multiple platforms. In this article we'll explore ways for dealing with this problem.

New year, new design

New year, new design. The site received an overhaul to its design and also some new content categories were added

By the way - exploring delegation in Kotlin

Kotlin has an interesting keyword, 'by' which can be used for delegation. There is a lot of confusion around it so in this article we'll clean that up.

Gradle Kotlin DSL - First impressions

The Kotlin DSL for writing Gradle build scripts have been around for some time. In this article we'll take a look at it and see how useful it is.

Review: Kotlin 1.2.60

Kotlin releases are quite frequent nowadays and the last few ones were not so remarkable, but 1.2.60 is somewhat special. In this article I'll explain why.

The Nature of Nothing in Kotlin

For someone who comes from the Java world the concept of Nothing might be confusing. In this article, I'll try to clean that up with some practical examples to boot.

Going Beyond Android: Kotlin on the Frontend

While most developers use Kotlin on Android it is also a viable option on other platforms. In this article we'll look at how it works in the browser.

Exploring Kotlin: Useful Standard Library Functions

Kotlin comes with a lot of useful functions like let, apply, with or also. Less is written about what comes with the collections, ranges, and other packages of the standard library. In this article we'll explore them.

Going Beyond Android: Kotlin on the Backend

While most developers use Kotlin on Android it is also a viable option on other platforms. In this article we'll look at how it works on the backend.

Going Beyond Android: Exploring Kotlin Areas of Application

If you have written something in Kotlin chances are that you wrote it for Android. Kotlin, however, has other areas where it can be useful. In the following series, we'll explore what other fields exist where Kotlin can shine.

Data Explorer: a hidden treasure chest for IT professionals

You might have wondered about what technology do others use in the IT industry or which tools are trending. Enter the Stack Exchange Data Explorer where you can find information about all Stack Exchange users.

Kotlin pitfalls and how to avoid them

Kotlin is all the rage lately and while I do agree that the language is well thought out it has - as everything else - its flaws. In this article I'll explain some of the pitfalls I encountered and try to help you avoid them.

Kotlin is the new Java

If you are a Java developer you might be wondering what to learn next. Kotlin is in the sweet spot just where Java used to be and in this article my goal is to explain why.

Why should you open source your code?

Open source software is all the buzz nowadays so it might be a good time to think about whether you can release parts of the project you are working on.

Web Design Cheat Sheet

After reading a lot of guides and tutorials about design I decided to pull them together in a simple cheat sheet. The aim of this document is not to teach you how to design things but to get you started.