Deep dives

Deep dive articles about exploring a particular topic in depth.

Tips for Writing a Library in Kotlin

Writing a library in Kotlin seems easy but it can get tricky if you want to support multiple platforms. In this article we'll explore ways for dealing with this problem.

By the way - exploring delegation in Kotlin

Kotlin has an interesting keyword, 'by' which can be used for delegation. There is a lot of confusion around it so in this article we'll clean that up.

The Nature of Nothing in Kotlin

For someone who comes from the Java world the concept of Nothing might be confusing. In this article, I'll try to clean that up with some practical examples to boot.

Exploring Kotlin: Useful Standard Library Functions

Kotlin comes with a lot of useful functions like let, apply, with or also. Less is written about what comes with the collections, ranges, and other packages of the standard library. In this article we'll explore them.