The Cogitator

Hi, I am Adam. I consider myself a pragmatic software engineer and I also like to share my thoughts on programming, thus the name of this site:

verb  think deeply about something; meditate or reflect.

I have been programming since the age of 17 and I have been working on things like BigData pipelines, embedded systems, websites under high load, game development and more.

I also work on multiplatform tools which might be useful for you in your everyday job.

I'm using Kotlin, so if you need help or consulting for your Kotlin project feel free to

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Things I'm working on

On this site I write articles about programming in general and I also specialize in Kotlin. If you are a Java developer who wants to get started with the language you are in the right place.

I also work on the Cobalt multiplatform utilities library. You can also take a look at other things on my GitHub profile.

If you like the articles I'm writing here, or if you are a happy user of something I created you can also

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