New year, new design

New year, new design. The site received an overhaul to its design and also some new content categories were added like news which is you are reading right now.


I added entry cards and post categories. The previous articles are now part of the blog and articles like this are now news.

I also started tagging content. The projects category is also coming soon where you’ll be able to peruse the docs of the projects I’m working on (like Cobalt for example).

The code on this site is now not served from Gists but they are inlined using Jekyll’s own code highlighter. This will make them load much much faster compared to the previous Gists.

Another addition is the Patreon page so now you can become a patron if you like what I’m writing about or working on.

If you encounter a problem or just wanna comment on the overall design, feel free to do so below!