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Going Beyond Android: Exploring Kotlin Areas of Application

If you have written something in Kotlin chances are that you wrote it for Android. Kotlin, however, has other areas where it can be useful. In the following series, we'll explore what other fields exist where Kotlin can shine.

Data Explorer: a hidden treasure chest for IT professionals

You might have wondered about what technology do others use in the IT industry or which tools are trending. Enter the Stack Exchange Data Explorer where you can find information about all Stack Exchange users.

Kotlin pitfalls and how to avoid them

Kotlin is all the rage lately and while I do agree that the language is well thought out it has - as everything else - its flaws. In this article I'll explain some of the pitfalls I encountered and try to help you avoid them.

Web Design Cheat Sheet

After reading a lot of guides and tutorials about design I decided to pull them together in a simple cheat sheet. The aim of this document is not to teach you how to design things but to get you started.